Two donkeys and a bishop prepare for Palm Sunday

BUFFY, Solomon and the Rt Revd Andrew Proud, the Bishop of Reading, are preparing for a special journey on Palm Sunday (March 25) when Christians remember Jesus arriving in Jerusalem before Easter.

Buffy and Solomon, with owner Jane Lewis, outside St John the Baptist Church, where the walk ends.

The two donkeys are joining the Bishop of Reading and others walking from Mapledurham to Lower Caversham and everyone is invited. Planned by a team led by the Revd Mike Smith, Rector of Caversham, Thameside and Mapledurham Parish, the walk begins at St Margaret’s, Mapledurham at 10.00am with Buffy, Solomon and Bishop Andrew leading the way to St Peter’s, Caversham. After a lunch break around midday, the afternoon leg will take in Caversham Court Gardens and Christchurch Meadow, reaching St John the Baptist Church on Gosbrook Road around 2.30pm.

“We wanted to do something special for this Palm Sunday, the day we remember Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey, with his friends, in the run-up to the events of Easter. We wanted a way to journey with Jesus if you like, so why not a walk with donkeys? It will be great having Bishop Andrew with us, as together we follow Jesus walking into the city at the start of this Holy Week.”

The walk includes hospitality, drama and worship at each of the three churches, reflecting firstly, at St Margaret’s, on Jesus’ humility and how he encourages us to let go of the clutter in our lives.

At St Peter’s, the theme centres on Jesus weeping over Jerusalem, and we’ll be encouraged to offer prayers for situations in our community that cause us, or others, to weep. St John’s offers a taste of café church and recalls Luke’s Gospel message that, even if Jesus’ followers were silenced, the stones would shout his praise and there will be opportunities for all to sing ‘songs of praise’.

Full details of the route, a map and timings can be found here.  

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