Tough Talk: Engaging our children with life’s most difficult questions


Tough Talk is an opportunity for parents, carers, and teachers to hear from expert voices on important issues that people find most difficult to talk about as they are raising children.

The Revd Jarred Mercer, assistant curate at St Mary Magdalen, Oxford, said:  “From sexuality, to death, to racism and inequality, we want our children to feel comfortable being open with us about life’s toughest questions, we want our relationships with them to grow deeper, and most of all we want them to develop into responsible, loving people who can face both the everyday situations of normal life and the intense struggles that might come their way.

“This does not happen by accident but requires us to be prepared and intentional. Tough Talk offers free evenings for parents, carers, and teachers to come together in a relaxed and open environment to discover ways to engage our children with these difficult topics with purpose and confidence. At each meeting we will listen to an expert on the given topic, ask questions and get feedback on our own experiences, and have guided discussion relevant to our children’s ages and understanding.”

The first Tough Talk event is Monday 25 September, 7.30pm at North Hinksey Primary School. Nick Luxmoore will help us think about how to communicate with our children on the topic of ‘sex and sexuality’. Nick is a child psychotherapist who has decades of experience in teaching parents, carers, and teachers how to best discuss issues such as these with children, and is the author of 10 books in this area.

Come along as we learn to better lead our children with purpose and confidence. There will be wine and refreshment offered from 7.15pm. Contact Jarred Mercer ( for more information.