In-sight took an impromptu break from your screens last week. This was due to conflicting events that precluded blogging. The most significant of these was the mass lobby of Parliament that took place last Wednesday. Over 16,000 people descended on London to march, speak and lobby their elected representatives over the critical issue of climate change. Bishop Steven led representatives from across the diocese to join with other faith communities to implore our law makers to act with greater urgency. It was an inspirational experience for those of us who were there from across the faith communities of our country were united in their belief that the time to act is now in order to prevent irreversible damage to our planet.

This week saw a gathering of a very different nature closer to home. The Annual Service for Headteachers and Governors took place in Christ Church Cathedral which had been postponed from February due to snow. Mercifully, the sun shone, and the choir sang at what was a delightful occasion where we were able to come together to pledge ourselves to the service of our schools and their communities.

Finally, going back to last week two other events stand out as my personal highlights: the presentation of certificates at the end of the Excellence in Leadership programme enabled me to congratulate our next generation of school leaders; whilst on Friday I was privileged to be present at the celebration of 175 years of The Royal School, Windsor. Both of these events brought home to me how fortunate I am to have such a diverse and varied role in which the first six months have flown by.


Till next week.