The Prodigals’ Return
God who dwells in us, and in whom we dwell,
Thank you for the home you have given us
Your beloved earth, diverse creation
Vibrant with love;
Moving through cycles
of life and death, decomposition and regeneration
Serendipity and coincidences
That are so only because we understand so little.
As we behold the destruction we have wrought, we are bereft.
We cannot unsee what we have seen
We cannot undo what we have done,
So we turn to you.
We return to you.
Though we are still far off,
Meet us on the way
Help us to make good; to redeem.
Give us the faith we need, that one day soon
We will find our place on earth,
And live our lives.
Fully live our lives,
In our restoration home.

What’s going on and how should we respond? These are questions we may all have as the impacts of the international pandemic and lockdown play out. While it’s too early to tell what will happen as a result, we can be inspired by the actions of churches in our Diocese. ¶

Prayer by Alison Webster
Photo: Shutterstock

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