The Pepper Pot Tower restored

The unusual Pepper Pot Tower at St Mary’s Burghfield has been restored to its full glory. The tower is now clean and watertight and has a brand-new cross.

The work was helped by the Government’s Listed Place of Worship Roof Repair Scheme. Alison Eves, the Churchwarden, said: “During the course of the work done by the stonemasons, a large crack was noticed in the cross which stood atop the tower. The cross had been there, a proud symbol of our faith, for 176 years. The decision was made that we needed to replace it to ensure the safety of all who pass beneath.

“As well as the cost of making and installing the new cross, an even higher level of scaffolding was built, causing further expense. Again, thanks to some very generous gifts, we now have the advantage of a wonderful new cross to draw people to church for at least the next 176 years.”

The Revd Glynn Lautenbach, the Rector, climbed the scaffolding to bless the new cross and to give thanks to God for the work, during a service of thanksgiving in August.

Alison added: “We would also like to thank all the many parishioners who have made this work possible by their unstinting gifts. We invite you all to come and have a closer look from the foot of the tower, as well as admiring the cross from afar as you move around the parish. Thank you one and all!”