Bishop welcomes a Manifesto to Strengthen Families

THE Bishop of Oxford, the Rt Revd Steven Croft,  has welcomed the Manifesto to Strengthen Families.

In a speech to the House of Lords yesterday (Thursday November 2) he said: “I commend the vision of a government focussed on supporting families.  The default in our culture is a greater focus on individuals in law and public policy.  Yet we all exist as part of diverse families and networks of relationships: a fundamental insight of Christian tradition.  These families are the cornerstone of our well being and the common good.”

The manifesto was produced by Conservative MPs and Peers to help support the Government in helping strengthen families which they believe form the bedrock of a healthy society. Bishop Steven told the Lords of how the charity Parents and Children Together (PACT) was founded by the Diocese in 1911 and works to build and strengthen families.

“Last year, as part of PACT’s work we placed 87 adopted children in families and approved 49 families to adopt. Each extra family approved to adopt adds over £1.1 million in value to society,” he said. Bishop Steven also cited the way the Diocese worked to save children’s centres in Oxfordshire. “Two years ago Oxfordshire County Council had to cut its funding to its 43 Children’s Centres. All but eight were in danger which would have been an immense loss to local communities. The Counc


The Rt Revd Steven Croft, the Bishop of Oxford

il worked with the churches and voluntary sector.  There has been a tremendous response. Thanks to the power of working together, 38 will remain open.


“Funding to these ventures can be modest but it needs to be consistent. The staccato cycle of new funding followed by funding cuts, new initiatives starting then ending prematurely halts improving outcomes for the very families we seek to support.”

For a full transcript of Bishop Steven’s Lords speech click here.