Helping farmers care for the planet @1CorTen31


My faith influences my attitude to work. It has influenced my choice of sector. I enjoy the work I do and feel I’m doing something worthwhile.

A particle physicist’s journey with Jesus @1CorTen31

Church on Sunday can feel worlds away from our day-to-day lives. We asked Christians to tell us how their lives connect with their faith…

Being an LLM and a lawyer

I hesitated before writing about being a Christian in my workplace because lawyers don’t get much positive press and are not shown in a very good light in the Bible…

Whatever You Do in the fast-paced world of telecoms

I believe I can see God at work in people who show grace under pressure, providing support and encouragement to those around them.

Whatever You Do “serving my community”

When I’m angry and frustrated I think of Jesus turning the money-changers and merchants out of the temple. A quick prayer and I calm down…

Whatever You Do – passionate about maths

Trying to give every young person the same opportunities in life seems to be ‘loving your neighbour’…