PCC Training – Friday November 7th 2014:

PCC Secretary Mailing September 2013:

  • Letter from Rosemary Pearce, Diocesan Secretary (here)
  • Cover note for Clergy (here)
  • Health & Safety in Churches Notice (here)
  • Training for PCC Secretaries November 2013 (here)
  • Planning for the Future of Your Church Workshop (here)
  • Churches Tourism National Conference 2013 (here)
  • Statistics for Mission – October Count Form (here)
  • Copyright & Website Information (here)
  • Press Regulation and Charity Blogs Information(here)
  • Employment Status for Tax Purposes: a short guide for PCCs (here)

Office holder’s data protection form

Diocesan Mailings For Information or to Publicise

Diocesan Mailings Requiring Action

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