An important feature in the system is the ability of users to see a graphical representation of how the parish has developed over the last ten years.  When you click on <Reports> you will be taken to a menu of six different reports that you can access and that you can download for use in presentations etc.

There are some important things to understand about these reports:

(1)   They show combined parish data, not individual church data, therefore if you are submitting more than one set of returns per parish the chart for the current year will not be fully populated until you have completed all the returns

(2)   The charts are updated as you enter data, so they are a good way of checking whether your figures look reasonable compared to previous years before you press the submit button and send your returns to the diocese

The charts will highlight readily if some of the historic data was not presented properly.  At parish level it is not possible to correct previous years’ figures but if you spot an anomaly which is clearly a result of poor data having been entered in previous years please inform your diocese by emailing You will need to be able to tell them what the correct figures should have been!  We anticipate there being a lot of data clean up to do so be patient as it will take time to correct historic data.