Each parish has a unique parish code and authorised users are able to access the forms relating to that parish (which may include more than one set of forms if returns are submitted for separate churches in the parish).

Linked to each parish code is a single Administrator – that person acts as the System Administrator and is able to add other users to the account to allow them to enter data into the on-line forms and print off reports etc. (but they will not be able to add or delete users).  Please ensure therefore that you only give user access to properly authorised people!

As a System Administrator you may also be responsible for the administration of, or entering data for, other parishes – you can enter those onto your account at the same time allowing you to access all the church records for which you are responsible without the need to keep logging in as a different user.

To add additional parishes to your account, go to the <Users Menu> tab, click ‘Add Parishes to Your Account’ then entering the respective ‘Parish Code’ and ‘Password’ issued to you before finally clicking ‘Submit’.