OK, so you have now created your account and are ready to explore the system.  Before we rush into filling in forms let’s look at the different tabs (in grey across the top of the page).

<Home> gives you some general stuff about the system for you to read at your leisure

<Access Forms> takes you to the main part of the system where you enter your details (more of that in a minute – see section on Entering Information online below))

<Reports> gives you access to six separate reports showing how your parish statistics have changed over the past ten years (and will be updated once you enter the current year data).  These reports can also be downloaded for use in presentations etc.  There are six different reports in total. (See section on Reports below).

<Select Church> is only useful if you are responsible for more than one church’s data – it takes you back to the first screen and allows you to select which church you want to work on.

<Users Menu> allows you to amend your login details ‘Edit Your Details’ (e.g. if you change your email account) and if you are an Administrator, to add other parishes to your account ‘Add Parishes to Your Account’ and set up sub accounts for others to access the system ‘Manage Sub Accounts’.

<Logout> – does what it says on the tin