Now you are ready to start entering information.

Some helpful tips: Throughout the forms you will find q symbols.  If you click your pointer on the q symbol a ‘help box’ will appear to guide you.  Look out for these as you go through the forms.

At any time, if you find a problem with the system or have a thought about how we can do things better please click on the Report Problems/Give Feedback at the bottom right of the page and let us know what your issue is.

Click the <Access Forms> tab (and if relevant identify which church/parish return you wish to complete).  A number of parishes that have more than one church submit individual returns and this system allows separate submission of data.  It also allows a combined submission (see below).

Having clicked on a church/parish you then need to choose whether to enter Finance or Statistics for Mission data.  [Please note, the data being collected is identical to what is collected at present in paper form – you are not required to have any other information to hand in order to complete this process].

If you want to submit combined church data you need to select the main parish church and, having got to page one of the relevant form you can tick, by way of the ‘Churches Included’ section, to include one or more other churches in the parish within the one return.  If you don’t tick the box you (or someone else) will need to do a subsequent return for the churches excluded.  If you subsequently realise that the data from one or more churches should be separate then simply un-tick the box and the data you enter will be treated as only relating to those churches still ticked!

When entering forms please ensure you complete every box – nil returns should be indicated by entering ‘0’.  This is really important as the system records the extent to which the form has been completed and blanks will show as incomplete forms.  When you have entered a page click ‘Next’ to move on.  If there are blanks on the page the system will challenge you.  If it is your intention to return at a later date simply click ‘Next’ to override the challenge.

You may also at this stage get a second challenge.  The system is designed to perform some simple logic checks and if the numbers you have entered are out of line with the figures entered in previous years it will ask you to make sure you haven’t accidently entered a wrong figure.  Please be aware that the system stores data at parish rather than individual church level therefore if there are a number of churches that make up your total parish figures you may get challenged rather more often than others with just a single church as the figures you enter will be less than the total activity for the parish and may therefore look a bit odd to the computer!

There are some other logic checks built in to the system so look out for those too. They are all designed to improve the quality and consistency of the data being submitted so please bear with us.

At any time you can save the data you have entered and return to the main menu (useful if you find you need a cup of tea half way through the process).  Everything you have done will have been saved (the data you have entered onto a page is also saved every time you click ‘Next’ so you can flick back and forwards with some confidence that your efforts have not been wasted).

When you have completed all the pages of the form you will be presented with the option of: <Submit Data to Diocese>, <Save and Return to Menu> or <Download report as PDF> – this allows you to scroll down the page and visually review the data entered.  Please note that once you press <Submit Data to Diocese> you will not be able to make further adjustments to your entry therefore it is recommended that you take a copy of the report first and satisfy yourself that the form has been properly completed.  If you select the <Save and Return to Menu> option you will see an indicator that tells you whether the form is complete and also reminds you of its status.  When the indicator light goes green you know you have a complete form – but whether or not it contains sensible figures is up to you of course!

Once the data has been submitted (to the diocese) a green tick will appear against the record.  The data is now available for the diocese to look at and, once they are satisfied that the figures are as expected they will ‘Verify’ the data.  You can therefore check the progress of your return.

Complete the process for each of the forms you need to submit.  If this is a job being shared with others then you need to set them up as separate users (see section 4 above) and let them know when it is there turn to do particular bits of the operation. The job will be complete when every church for which you are responsible has a 100% against each return and atick in the ‘submitted’ column.