When accessing the system for the first time you need to ‘Create an account’.  When you click this option (see Fig. 1) a new page will appear and you need to insert the parish code and password issued to you (see Fig. 2).  (The Parish Code and Password is used only once to authenticate your credentials as System Administrator.)  This then takes you to a screen where you need to enter your own details including a new user name and password that is memorable to you and a link to your email account (see Fig. 3).  Please note that the system does not allow more than one user to use the same email address for security reasons.  Once you have completed all the fields you can ‘Register’ and your login will become active.  If you want to go ahead at this stage and access the system you need to re-enter your (new) user name and password (make sure you remember what it is!) and this will take you into the system.

If there is more than one church registered in the parish you should be given access to all the churches when you have logged on – you do not need to add the churches individually.

If you have login rights to more than one parish you can add additional parishes by going to the <Users Menu> tab and clicking ‘Add Parishes to Your Account’ then enter the additional ‘Parish Code’ and ‘Password’ for the other parish(es) sent to you.






















Fig. 1 – selecting the ‘Create an account’ option – when entering the system for the first time









Fig. 2 – enter the parish code and password received; authenticating the process of creating an account




Fig. 3 – creating an account, by registering a few details on the system