Every year parishes/ benefices are asked to complete two returns:

  • the Statistics for Mission Return which relates to membership and attendance and
  • the Parish Finance Return which relates to the finances of the Parish.

We firmly believe that completing these two returns has benefits at every level of the life of the Church – local, deanery, diocese and national (see above leaflet for more information).

How to submit your Parish Return?

This data should be submitted wherever possible directly into the National Church’s Parish Returns Online System. This online system has recently been revised and is now very user-friendly. Once you have your login details and know the data you wish to submit the procedure should only take a short while to enter.

When is the information required?

  • 2017 Statistics for Mission Return – You can start entering your information from after Easter onward and we encourage you to add attendance figures etc as the year progresses. Your Electoral Roll figures should be entered here prior to the Electoral Roll submission deadline of 1st June, in which case you do not need to submit these separately to the Diocese. The deadline for the complete 2017 Statistics for Mission Return is 31st January, 2018.
  • 2017 Parish Finance Return – The online system opens in January and you can submit this information once your Annual Accounts and Financial Statements have been prepared ahead of your APCM. The deadline for your 2017 Parish Finance Return is 31st May, 2018

Need help with your parish returns?

For login assistance or general queries please contact the Diocesan Parish Returns Team either by email or via phone using the main switchboard number: 01865 208200. If you encounter technical issues with the website you can also contact the National Church’s Statistics Unit via email and they will be able to assist with these problems.

Please see below to download the revised User Guide which explains how the system works. You may also find it helpful to complete either a PDF or Excel version of the Returns form before you enter the information online. These forms are also located below and scrolling down include very helpful notes which outline exactly what data is required.

*Note regarding the Parish Finance Return. For 2017 the system has been revised to make the process easier to submit your financial information. You will therefore be asked at the beginning of the submission procedure to select which accounting method your Parish Annual Accounts follow (either a Receipts & Payments format or an Accruals format). Please click here for more information.

Historic Returns

For the archive of all Parish Returns Forms (2016 and before), click on the link.

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