Regular Giving Campaigns

In general we recommend talking about generosity and financial giving at least once per year. We also suggest holding a longer “regular giving campaign” ever 2-3 years.

A regular giving campaign is a period of 3-5 weeks when you take an extended look at giving and generosity. There are many different motivations for running a campaign – perhaps you need to increase your income for a new project, or maybe you want to take some time to reflect on and appreciate what giving means to your church. Whatever the motivation it is important to remember to the importance of “missional giving.”

Below you will find resources to help you plan for and run a regular giving campaign. We hope to add new content to this page over time to create a library of resources to help you talk about regular giving in your local context.

You might also want to look at our page on the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS). Introducing PGS into your church is a great way to generate a discussion about regular giving as well as helping you safeguard your income into the future.

Click here to read our regular giving letter guidance and template.

The Generosity Week

A brand new regular giving campaign featuring Sunday to Sunday worship and engagement materials focused on generosity and gratitude. Click here to find out more and access the resources.

The Generosity Week

With many parishes needed to take a fresh look at their regular giving the national church have put together a suite of excellent resources to support you.

With a focus on generosity and gratitude the programme runs over two Sundays with service content packs and example liturgies. This approach takes the form of a traditional request and response regular giving campaign – where you ask your congregation to review their giving in week one and ask them to respond and confirm their gifts in week two – with the benefit of a strong grounding in the Bible and in personal faith.

To support this focus on Biblical, personal faith the programme includes a Sunday to Sunday morning prayer series to run between the two services, a week of podcasts, and two small/home group sessions.

Click here to access the materials.

Other Regular Giving Campaign Templates

If you are just looking for some guidance on writing a request for regular giving you might want to read through our own guidance paper here.

If you are lloking for a more holistic programme then there are several outlines available to support you in planning a regular giving campaign.

The National Church has three frameworks for giving programmes:

  1. A Parish Funding Programme (a generic programme)
  2. A Simple Giving Programme (this is more targeted at small and/or rural churches)
  3. Give10 (a programme to introduce tithing)

There are also some popular frameworks which originated in other Dioceses and which are free to access. Both of the below focus on responding to God’s generosity and have extensive online resources:

  1. Giving in Grace
  2. Giving is God’s Way

For questions about using any of these resources or other ways to encourage regular giving, please contact the Generous Giving Adviser, Joshua Townson, by email or by telephone on 01865 208 757.

Living Generously

The Diocese of Oxford has produced seven reflections on the theme of living generously, based on the story of Mary anointing Jesus’ feet.

You can download them in pdf format here, or to request printed copies free of charge, please email

Presentations from the Latest Giving Conference

Following our recent day conference our guest speakers have kindly agreed for us to upload the presentations which you can read below:

  • Parish Giving Scheme – click here
  • Grant-making trust fundraising – click here
  • Legacy giving – click here
  • Contactless giving – click here

Giving Checklist

The Giving Checklist enables churches to review how effective they are at encouraging giving within the church, during the service, on their website and on social media. We recommend that reviews are undertaken by the PCC, or by a relevant sub-group, such as the stewardship committee.

For help or advice on undertaking a review of your church’s giving, please contact the Generous Giving adviser for the diocese, Joshua Townson, on 01865 208757.