Giving Conference – Greyfriars, Reading – Saturday February 9th 2019

Following the success of the first Giving Conference in Oxford this year, we are running another Giving Conference in Reading. Topics will include the Parish Giving Scheme digital platform, legacy giving, contactless giving and grant-making trust funding. Speakers include Jonathan de Bernhardt Wood (National Advisor for the Church of England on Giving and Income Generation), Helen Richardson (Chief Executive of the Parish Giving Scheme) and Eleanor Stead (National Funding & Legacy Officer for the Church of England). For further information on the conference, and to book tickets, please click here.

Reflections on Living Generously

The Diocese’s Generous Giving Adviser, Jonathan de Bernhardt Wood, has produced seven reflections on living generously, based on the story of Mary anointing Jesus’ feet. You can download them here, and if you want printed copies of them then please contact Julie Jones.

Presentations from the Giving Conference – June 2018

If you wish to download the presentation on Parish Giving Scheme 1 please click here.

If you wish to download the presentation on Parish Giving Scheme 2 please click here.

If you wish to download the presentation on legacy giving please click here.

If you wish to download the presentation on funding for building projects please click here.

If you wish to download the presentation on digital giving please click here.

Helping churches review how they encourage giving

The Giving Checklist enables churches to review how effective they are at encouraging giving within the church, during the service, on their website and on social media. You can download the Giving Checklist here.  It is recommended that this is done by a PCC or a relevant sub-group. If you would like the Generous Giving Adviser to facilitate a session where this is done then do please contact Jonathan de Bernhardt Wood .

Helping identify potential funders

If you wish to search for funders who may be interested in providing funding for your project, then you can access a directory of grant-making trusts for churches here. The diocese also has a licence for the TrustFunder website.

If you wish us to search for grant making trusts who may be able to support a project or campaign in your church then please contact Julie Jones.

The Good Exchange is also worth investigating. One application form is shared with many different potential funders, saving considerable time and effort and there’s the possibility of matched funding grants. You can see a short film on the Good Exchange by clicking here.

Helping encourage regular giving through the Parish Giving Scheme

We are now rolling out the Parish Giving Scheme, which is an excellent means of encouraging greater generosity within your church. Further information on this scheme is available here.

Helping encourage legacy giving

There are some excellent resources available from the Parish Resources website. These include a PCC Legacy Toolkit, as well as  a simple Legacy Leaflet and a more comprehensive Legacy Booklet. Copies of these can be ordered from Parish Resource free of charge. For further information on legacy giving, please click here.

Helping rural parishes

We will be developing resources specifically to address the challenges that rural parishes face. The giving guide for small or rural parishes is definitely worth a look in the meantime.

Helping find funding resources

The Parish Resources website has heaps of information on how to encourage generous giving. Programmes, leaflets, films, sermon outlines and much more including really useful links to other websites such as the excellent Giving in Grace website. There’s also specific guides on how to encourage and set up different forms of giving.

For further information on generous giving, please contact Julie Jones on 01865 208288 or email her here