Giving in the Diocese of Oxford is rising, which is very good news, but we’ve got some way to go before our giving levels are the same as most other dioceses. My role as Generous Giving Adviser has been created to help encourage more generous giving throughout the diocese and there are four principal ways I am doing that:

  1. Providing intensive support to a small number of churches and deaneries as they develop and promote their giving plans and resources
  2. Curating materials and resources which parishes can use to develop a culture of generous giving and support funding initiatives
  3. Supporting the archdeaconry teams so that they can integrate giving into their mission plans
  4. Advising Bishops and other senior leaders on how to develop a vision and strategy that promotes generous giving

If you would like to discuss how I may be able to help you to encourage generous giving then do please contact me.

This part of the website will be updated over time with more resources and materials which may be useful but, for now, hopefully these will be of help to you.

Helping churches review how they encourage giving

The Giving Audit, developed by the Diocese of Durham, is an excellent way for PCCs to start to think about how they can encourage giving within the church. If you would like this to audit to be facilitated by me then do please contact me.

Helping identify potential funders

If you wish to search for funders who may be interested in providing funding for your project, then you can access a directory of grant-making trusts for churches here.

Helping encourage regular giving

We are introducing the Parish Giving Scheme, which is an excellent means of encouraging greater generosity within your church. Further information on this scheme is available here.

Helping rural parishes

We will be developing resources specifically to address the challenges that rural parishes face. The giving guide for small or rural parishes is definitely worth a look in the meantime.

Helping find funding resources

The Parish Resources website has heaps of information on how to encourage generous giving. Programmes, leaflets, films, sermon outlines and much more including really useful links to other websites such as the excellent Giving in Grace website. There’s also specific guides on how to encourage and set up different forms of giving.

Generous Giving Adviser : Jonathan Farnhill ( / 01865 208757)