Churches in the Oxford Diocese can gain advice on giving and funding from the Christian Giving and Funding Adviser.

The Adviser’s support for your church is resourced through your Parish Share and covers everything from how you can develop a project vision and business case, to sourcing potential funding and implementing a fund-raising campaign. These pages provide web-based support, developing over coming months.

Reflecting the ethos of Living Faith – the diocesan vision – the Adviser shares information about good practice, funding and lessons learned by churches in the Oxford Diocese and further afield. He works with churches starting out or renewing their fundraising activities.

You may like to look at our GIVING: A SIMPLE GUIDE leaflet.

Planning your Fundraising

The larger the scale of project you intend to undertake the more critical to its successful outcome is careful planning.

The planning process will enable you to sustain your project from initial discussions amongst your community through gaining advice appropriate to that project to developing a business plan, launching a fundraising campaign and ultimately seeing it through to a successful completion.

The following guidelines have been devised to help you plan through your fundraising project to achieve a successful completion:

  • initial discussions amongst your church and the wider community around you
  • where to gain specialised advice especially in relation to church building projects
  • developing the project’s business plan
  • launching a fundraising campaign

Planning Guidelines

How to Search For Funding Sources

As a church or associated church organisation in Oxford Diocese you have free use of the Grantnet portal.


Register with GrantNet [now “4 community”]

Who can access Grantnet?

  • Anyone designated by your church can access Grantnet.
  • All you need to do is register your details and log in using the password whichGrantfinder will e-mail to you.
  • The information contained in theGrantfinder database is relevant to many different types of project.
  • Results can also be tailored to your chosen geographical area.

Why does the Diocese of Oxford recommend the Grantnet portal?

  • Since June 2004 Diocesan Church House support for parishes and deaneries has included the Diocesan Christian Giving and Funding Adviser. As well as offering advice on how to plan and implement a fundraising campaign for your church, the adviser also offers guidance on potential sources of funding.
  • As an aspect ofSharingLife, the Adviser shares funding information from churches that have been successful with those just starting our or renewing their fundraising activities.
  • Through many years operating in the funding sector,Grantfinder recognises that organisations seeking funding are much more likely to be successful when applying for grants, if they receive support from people who are experienced in the grant application process such as the Christian Giving and Funding Adviser.
  • Grantnet will enable him to tailor his advice to the needs of individual churches.

Who will have access to my personal details?

  • Your contact details and search criteria will be made available to the Christian Giving and Funding Adviser at Church House.
  • They will not be made available to any third parties or used to target you with unsolicited e-mails or advertisements.

Register with GrantNet now


Associated Advice

Community and social action

  • Department of Mission
  • Councils for Voluntary Service
  • Community Development Foundation
  • UK government
  • Christian organisations

Heritage, restoration and conservation

  • Diocesan Advisory Committee
  • Churchcare
  • English Heritage
  • Funds for Historic Buildings
  • National Amenity Societies
  • National Churchwatch
  • Arthur Rank Church and Conservation Project

Planning issues

  • Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC)
  • The Planning Portal (Local authority planning depts)
  • Access for All (Churches and the Disability Act)
  • Energy efficiency and sustainable development
  • Section 106 Agreements & Planning Gain

Supporting Documents
Energy Efficiency and Church Buildings
Types of Micro-Generation
The Cool Church Toolkit


  • Why reorder your church building?
  • Repitching the Tent
  • Church of England
  • Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC)
  • English Heritage
  • National Amenity Societies

Supporting Documents
Change without tears
Reordering tips from the churches

Rural communities

  • Arthur Rank Centre
  • Countryside Agency
  • Rural Development Commission
  • Commission for Rural Communities
  • Natural England
  • Rural Churches in Community Service
  • South East Region Rural Community Councils

Supporting Documents
The future of rural church

Tourism and education

  • Churches Tourism Association
  • Ministry of Welcome Toolkit
  • Education


  • Church volunteers
  • Volunteering Agencies

Cultural activities

  • Our Church’s role
  • Arts Council for England