The Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Committee (DMPC) is a statutory committee established under the Mission and Pastoral Measure 2011. The DMPC’s remit is, in broad terms, to keep under review arrangements for pastoral supervision and care in the diocese and to make recommendations to the Bishop.  The functions of the DMPC in the Diocese are carried out by the Bishop’s Council, which requires it to take a diocese-wide view of issues of policy and strategy around ministerial deployment and resourcing.  Most of the day to day work is carried out by four Archdeaconry Mission and Pastoral Committees.

The membership of the archdeaconry committees, which each meet two to three times per year, is made up by and large of area deans and lay chairs. In addition, both the elected clerical and the elected lay members of Bishop’s Council are also members of the archdeaconry committee for the episcopal area to which they are elected to allow diocesan oversight of local discussions. Their functions include making decisions and recommendations, after consultation with relevant interested parties, on issues such as pastoral reorganization and suspensions of presentation. The archdeaconry committees also have an important role in relation to deanery mission action plans, which they review and the details of which are subject to their approval.

In addition to the archdeaconry committees, the DMPC has a specialist subcommittees, the Closed Churches Committee, which is responsible for finding suitable alternative uses for churches closed for regular public worship.

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