Latest update on Annual Parochial Church Meetings and Annual Meeting of Parishioners 2021

Parishes are already aware that they need to hold APCMs and annual meeting of parishioners by 31st May 2021. This note is to advise you that the Diocese of Oxford will be extending this date to 31 July 2021.
Please read the letter from Wednesday 3 February giving further details.
Thank you for all you continue to do at these challenging times.

Mark Humphriss
Diocesan Secretary

Forms referred to in the 2021 guidance letter are available below. Click on either PDF or Word to download.

Your Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM)

Letter from the Diocesan Secretary – February 2021


A presentation on Parish Governance from the Diocesan Registrar 2021 PDF

Helping you plan your APCM

Timetable and summary of actions: PDF

M1 Notice of annual parochial church meeting: Word

M3 Nomination for election of PCC member at APCM: Word

M4 Office holder data consent form: Word

M5 Fit and proper person declaration: WordPDF

Meeting for election of churchwardens

C1 Notice of meeting for election of churchwardens: Word | PDF

C2 Churchwarden’s nomination form: WordPDF

Churchwardens, on election to office and on admission, must complete a declaration form to be sent to the relevant archdeacon’s office. This will automatically be sent in the visitation packs (Dates of visitations have not been agreed yet).

Electoral roll

Electoral roll privacy notice: WordPDF

E1 Notice of revision of  electoral roll 2021: Word | PDF

E2 Application for enrolment on church electoral roll (SG1): Word

E3 Electoral roll certificate: Word

Other Resources

FAQs – Common questions about the meeting itself: PDF

FAQs – Other frequently asked questions: PDF

We have held our APCM, what do I need to do now?

Frequently asked questions

M6 Election Results Form (Parish copy): Word

Notification to Diocesan Office of election results summary: Word

Election of Deanery Synod Representatives

Lay Representatives to deanery synod (new triennium) members were elected to serve from 1st January 2021 (change of date due to extensions granted) to 3oth  June 2023.

D2 Nomination of lay member of Deanery Synod: Word

D3 Elections Results sheet: Word | PDF (Use form D3 only where you have elected new members where you have filled vacancies in 2021).