Guidance specific to the 2017 annual parochial church meeting and meeting for election of churchwardens is available here: 2017 Annual Meetings Guidance.  More general information about annual meetings is also available: Annual meetings: the basics.

Forms referred to in the 2017 guidance are available in pdf and Word format as below.  Alternatively, all these forms and information packs are also available as a single document pdf hereAPCM Bundle

Electoral roll.

E1 Notice of revision of church electoral roll (SG2)  pdf/ Word

E2 Application for enrolment on church electoral roll (SG1) pdf/ Word

E3 Electoral roll certificate  pdfWord

Annual parochial church meeting (APCM)

M1 Notice of annual parochial church meeting (SG4) pdf / Word

M2 APCMs – notes for PCC Secretaries pdf / Word

M3 Nomination for election at APCM pdf / Word

M4 Office-holder’s data protection form pdfWord

M5 Fit and Proper Person Declaration (for ex officio members PCC) pdfWord

M6 Election Results Form pdfWord

Meeting for election of churchwardens

C1 Notice of meeting for election of churchwardens pdfWord

C2 Churchwarden’s nomination form pdf / Word

Churchwardens, on election to office and on admission, must complete a declaration form to be sent to the relevant Archdeacon.  This will automatically be sent in the Visitation packs in late April/ early May.
They may also be obtained from deanery administrators.

Election of Deanery Synod Representatives

D1 What is deanery synod? pdf 

D2 Nomination of lay member of Deanery Synod pdf / Word

D3 Deanery Synod Election results pdf / Word

D4 Table for calculating number of lay representatives pdf