Some of you will have seen recent reports of Quick Response Codes being incorporated into churchyard memorials. This is an example:

We have been giving thought to these, and the Chancellors of dioceses around the country met earlier this week to consider how they should be dealt with in our churchyards. They have taken the view that because of the risk of defamatory and/or other inappropriate material being published through the use of QRCs in the churchyards, they should not be permitted.

Chancellor Rupert Bursell QC has accordingly directed that the Churchyard Regulations for this diocese be amended to include the following:

No QR codes (Quick Response codes) may be placed upon any memorial without a faculty. (This is due to the possibility of non-theological content and/or defamatory statements which might leave the incumbent or priest-in-charge liable to an action in defamation).

Please make sure that this is drawn to the attention of the undertakers and memorial masons who operate in your area.

Canon John Rees
Diocesan Registrar
2 October 2012

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