Glebe is land owned in order to provide income, to pay parochial clergy. Once part of a parish priest’s ancient freehold, and passed on from vicar to vicar, glebe income provided the means to live; however many parishes, particularly urban ones, had no glebe and so clergy incomes varied widely and unfairly. Glebe in this diocese consists mainly of agricultural land and commercial properties, all of which are handled by specialist agents.

From 1978 all Diocesan Boards of Finance took over management of glebe land to ensure equal parochial stipends. If glebe is sold, the proceeds are reinvested so as to provide continuing income.

The Glebe Committee is appointed by the Oxford Diocesan Board of Finance to be responsible for managing diocesan Glebe as required by The Endowments and Glebe Measure 1976.

Secretary to the Diocesan Glebe Committee
Church House Oxford
Langford Locks