PCC Accountability and the role of Treasurer

The relationship between Treasurer and PCC is essential to ensure accountability.  As a diocese we are concerned that Treasurers regularly report to their PCC on the state of the Churches finances and work with the incumbent and standing committee.  PCCs should make sure that they have transparent systems in place which ensure that financial records are fully available to the Standing Committee; that those taking on the role of Treasurer are known to the church community and that claims and payments being made are done with the full knowledge of the standing committee.

For further guidance on financial controls please follow the links below:

Important update December 2017 – Fraudulent Payment Requests

Some parishes have been targeted by email requests for fraudulent payments. Please be aware that these attacks are becoming more sophisticated, the fraudster may send the email in the name of a member of the PCC or clergy – increasingly they are using the information publically available online about an organisation, and they may have viewed your parish website to find out details about you – and then searched online to find out more about you and your fellow PCC members from social media.  Similarly, you may be contacted by phone with requests for online banking log in details.  Please stop and question whether it’s genuine. The UK government has launched the Take Five – Stop Fraud campaign, to encourage us all to stop and think first before responding to fraudsters, see the below link for more information:

If you do receive fraudulent emails, please report this to the Action Fraud division of the Police via the below link:

Please note that the Diocese are not intending to change banks so if you receive an unsolicited notification of a change in diocesan bank details please contact us by phone on 01865 208206 to verify these are genuine before making any payments.