As a diocese, we are signed up to the Church of England’s target to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2030. One area we are looking at is work-related travel. Our expense claim forms have been updated with some changes to provide the information our Environment Team needs to monitor our carbon footprint. These are just simple changes, such as requesting location details for public transport and a car’s make and model, which will enable us to work out total emissions (cars vary hugely, so we need this data). This data will only be used for purposes of working out emissions.

These admin actions may seem mundane but if we don’t monitor we can’t prioritise action. Part of the mission of the Church is to care for our neighbour and our planet. People are already suffering enormously from the effects of the climate crisis and many more will do so if we don’t reduce our emissions radically. Thank you for your help with this.

Please follow this link for more information relating to expenses for General Synod members.