Meetings of the DAC normally take place on ‘second Mondays’ in each month. There is no meeting in April or August. Requests for inclusion in the agenda with supporting documentation (plans, specifications and, where appropriate, statements of need and significance) should be sent to the DAC via the Online Faculty System before the agenda close date, usually three weeks before the meeting.


Meetings begin at 10am, apart from in July when we will meet at 3pm with the meeting followed by the annual dinner.


DAC MEETING                                                AGENDA DEADLINE – 5PM


9 January                                                            16 December

13 February                                                        13 January

13 March                                                           17 February

8 May                                                                7 April

12 June                                                               19 May

17 July                                                                23 June

11 September                                                      11 August

9 October                                                          15 September

13 November                                                      20 October

11 December                                                      17 November


Applications can be submitted via the Online Faculty System https://facultyonline.churchofengland.org/


DAC Officers contact details


Senior Church Buildings Officer                             Liz Kitch


01865 208229


Assistant Church Buildings Officer                          Sophie Hammond


01865 208228


Historic Churches Support Officer                         Christine Fenn


01865 208753