The statement of Particulars is a written document that confirms the obligations and rights of ecclesiastical office holders that are conferred through the Ecclesiastical Offices (Terms of Service) Measure and Regulations 2009, generally known as Common Tenure.

In summary, the Statement of Particulars document:

Records information with regard to your Appointment and Termination of Office, such as:

  • Personal Details
  • Title of the Office and Date of Licence
  • Appointment and Common Tenure Date
  • Name and Title of the Bishop’s Nominated Person
  • Type of post
  • Notice Period
  • Compensation
  • Whether role is subject to pastoral scheme

States entitlements to:

  • stipend
  • expenses
  • fees position
  • time off and holidays
  • sickness and absence conditions
  • housing provision
  • pension provision
  • maternity/paternity/parental/adoption leave

Clarifies right of office holder to:

  • Protection against unfair dismissal
  • Right of appeal to employment tribunal
  • Access to grievance procedure

Lays down requirements for office holder to:

  • participate – Ministerial Development Review
  • engage in appropriate CMD
  • be subject to capability procedure
  • inform a person nominated by the bishop when unable to perform the duties of office through sickness;
  • undergo a medical examination where the bishop has reasonable grounds for concern about the office holder’s physical or mental health.

It is required that all those on Common Tenure are issued with a Statement of Particulars document within 1 month of the appointed date, currently 01 February 2011