The framework for inspections, called the ‘SIAMS Evaluation Schedule’ can be found through the link below.

You can expect your inspection about five year after your last inspection. You will usually be notified on a Monday for inspection the following week. (see protocols document and process document for more details). In order to help the inspectors, the school is asked to undertake its own self-evaluation. The National Society and the Diocese have produced a format, called a toolkit, to help schools do this but the school can use any format it wishes to do this. (links below)

Your self-evaluation document needs to be ready to send to the inspector and you will receive a School Inspection Briefing from the inspector 24-48 hours  before the inspection.


If you have a SIAMS inspection arranged and Ofsted call please phone Tracy Richardson on 01865 208 242 and we will rearrange your inspection.

School reviews:

Since September 2015 we have been carrying out Mid-Term SIAMS reviews in schools. This is a free half day visit from one of our advisers to help you assess progress since your last inspection and how to best prepare for your next one. This visit takes place approximately three years after your last inspection. The adviser allocated to you will contact the school via email to arrange a suitable date and format for the morning visit. This visit is tailored to suit your needs. A blank review format can be found below.


SIAMS Documents