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In a Church school, the offer of a Christian understanding of the world and the place of humanity in it will be reflected in worship.  In particular, it will be reflected in the everyday life of the school, quietly respectful of the beliefs of others and of other faiths, but confident in its own faith.’ 

From ‘The Way Ahead’ (3.28)
Photo courtesy Enborne CE Primary School

Church school worship should be central to the life of the school.  All schools have pupils with widely differing experiences of worship in their own faith and many will have no experience of worship outside school.  It is our task to provide pupils with a secure context in which to experience Christian worship and reflect upon the impact of worship in their own lives and the lives of the people around them.

Resources are provided here to help you develop worship in your school. Some extra links are provided below.

First Steps in Worship:

 a quick start guide for everyone

Bible in Worship Project:

ideas for bringing the Bible into School Worship

Worship Policy Guidance:

all you need to write a policy

Developmental Prayer:

suggestions for prayer in worship

Classic Prayers:

well known and less well known prayers

Worship Monitoring Suite:

comprehensive monitoring tools and ideas

Websites To Support School Worship