From Tony Wilson 24th June 2020

Dear Colleagues,

I hope and pray that you, your families, and school community are safe and well.

This communication reaches you at a time when our secondary schools have joined with primary and infant providers in welcoming back more pupils to school. I really value and appreciate how much creativity and flexibility has gone into planning and delivering of this scaling up of provision for our children and young people. Likewise, I recognise how much additional stress and strain this has placed on you and your colleagues whilst you maintain and enhance online materials and the ongoing commitment to vulnerable and key worker children. Therefore, I hope that the ‘Finding Your Way’ document that we shared in May has been a useful and supportive resource throughout this challenging time.

Following up on ‘Finding Your Way’ we have reviewed the practical methods through which ODBE supports our schools in the light of Covid-19 and the new norms that we face.I the light f this review we have created ‘Services 4 Schools’ (S4S). This reference document refreshes our three year Service Level Agreement (SLA) that was published in April last year. I am pleased to present  ‘Services 4 Schools’ to you as a fresh expression of our ongoing offer to schools in changing times. I trust that you will find it helpful in identifying how we can help you in the months and years ahead. Our Development, Training and Support Programme will follow before the summer break.

In addition to our review producing the two documents mentioned above, we have taken the decision to adjust the service level agreement fee for the past half term. This is predicated upon a temporary reduction in service due to the circumstances of the past two months. Therefore, when you receive your invoice for the summer term you will note that it has been reduced by 15% to reflect this. We have made this adjustment despite DfE guidance for schools that they should expect to pay contractors and service providers as usual even if there has been a reduction in what is offered. We understand that school budgets remain under pressure and hope that this gesture will help in a small way towards managing this.

Finally, we look forward to scaling up our service for the remainder of this term and beyond as we face together the challenges and opportunities presented by the future.

Thanks and regards,

Tony Wilson | Director| Oxford Diocesan Board of Education

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