While personal lives are restricted, these links will help you and your children to encounter the wider world of beliefs, practices and cultures of others.

  • CBeebies ‘Let’s Celebrate’for (4 – 6 year olds) – celebrations from around the world for younger children with quizzes, films and activities.
  • BBC Bitesize for KS1 (5 – 7 year olds) – explore a range of films about religious practice and belief around the world.
  • KS2 Bitesize(7-11 year olds) – a range of film clips about on religions around the world.
  • KS3 Bitesize (11-14) – a variety of topics across a number of faiths and some philosophical exploration.
  • BBC Two My Life, My Religion – more challenging and contemporary films featuring young people and their beliefs and practices.
  • REOnline have also just produced resources for Primary and Secondary pupils specifically for home learning during the period of school closures.
  • TrueTube hosts films on topical religious issues for older students and information films for younger pupils.
  • NATRE (the National Association of Teacher of RE) has a range of free resources for all age groups to use at home at this time.
  • Email a Believer is a great place to get those tricky questions about religion and belief answered by people of all faiths and none.
  • REOnline has even more to explore especially in the audio/visual section. Some of the materials are really for teachers to use when planning lessons but the subject knowledge sections are also good for older pupils.
  • Akhlah is a lively and packed site to help explore Judaism.

And here is the latest RE Newsletter with information about resources and online CPD