RE Adviser :
Anne Andrews
07884 655097

RE in Schools

Support for Religious Education takes many forms across the diocese, responding to the individual needs of schools. The dedicated RE adviser is available to offer the following:

  • Telephone, online and face to face support
  • School RE INSET and bespoke training, including one to one work with subject leaders, learning walks, work scrutiny and curriculum and assessment development or whole school staff meetings.
  • Free access to and support for the ODBE Scheme of Work meeting requirements of locally agreed syllabi and the recommendations of the SIAMS schedule
  • Subsidised places on RE training courses including Understanding Christianity, New to RE and the Diocesan RE Conference which is held every two years

Religious Education plays a central role in a broad and balanced curriculum that will enable students to participate fully in life in modern Britain and the wider world. It aims to enable young people to hold informed and balanced conversations about religions and beliefs. It provides a safe environment where pupils can explore their own ideas and learn to evaluate the opinions of others. Whilst a greater emphasis is placed upon the Christian faith in RE, it is important for young people to learn about a wide range of faiths as well. The Church of England Vision for Education (2016) points out that education should be ‘hospitable to diversity, respects freedom of religion and belief, and encourages others to contribute from the depths of their own traditions and understandings.’

Through the study of a wide range of religious and non-religious worldviews, students are encouraged to answer challenging questions such as “Did Jesus really do miracles?” and investigate the ways in which religious practice and belief informs and influences society.

We encourage all our schools to go beyond the statutory requirements for RE, and deliver high quality, challenging lessons. Secondary schools are encouraged to participate in an RE Ambassador scheme, training older students to go into primary schools to give presentations about matters of faith and belief.

For more information or to request support speak to the Link Adviser for your school or contact the RE Adviser, Anne Andrews.