Section 2: School building responsiblities

Responsiblities for the management of building and premises vary according to your type of school. This table idicates where responsibility lies in each case. Please ensure that you take account of the notes below the table.

All schools must speak with the Diocese if they are considering selling any land or acquiring new land for school use.

Voluntary Aided SchoolsVoluntary Controlled SchoolsFoundation SchoolsAcademies
Land ownershipOwned by trusteesOwned by trusteesOwned by trusteesOwned by original trustees (i.e. not the academy trustees)
Playing fieldsProvided by LAProvided by LAOwned by governorsOwned by or leased to academy trust
Building responsibilities New building and repairs are the responsibility of the governors.

Capital works are typically supported by DfE as grants of 90%. Governors must fund the other 10%.
VAT needs to be paid on building works

All replacement, repairs and other building costs fall of the LA (funded by DfE)All replacement, repairs and other building costs fall of the LA (funded by DfE)All building works funded by DfE

Some specific responsibilities for VA Schools:

  1. The Governing Body must obtain and note the advice of DBE regarding any proposed building works to the school.
  2. The Governing Body must obtain, in writing, the consent of the DBE before consulting building contractors, architects or other consultants, for works requiring grant funding.
  3. Building works with a cost less than £2,000 exclusive of VAT fall outside these statutory requirements and need to be funded from the school revenue budget.

The Governing Body of a school is the client (or Employer) for any internal or external building works.

Schools within a multi-academy trusts must gain permission to proceed with capital works from their Trust above a certain value. This value will vary per MAT.