Section 3: Funding for Building Projects

When creating a premises plan it is useful to include some idea of the cost of each potential project so that priorities can be set based on what can be afforded as well as what is needed.  The funding streams available to schools are shown in this table. Click here for more information on the funding streams.

Voluntary Aided SchoolsVoluntary Controlled SchoolsFoundation SchoolsAcademies
Devolved Formula Capital (usually managed by Diocese)Devolved Formula Capital (held/managed by LA)Devolved Formula Capital (held/managed by LA)Devolved Formula Capital
Local Co-ordinated Voluntary Aided Programme (LCVAP)School Condition allocation (co-ordinated by LA)School Condition allocation (co-ordinated by LA)For stand-alone or smaller MATs: Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) Larger MATs (5 schools/3,000 pupils +) have access to Schools Capital Allowance Fund (SCA)
Governors’ FundsGovernors’ FundsGovernors’ FundsGovernors’ Funds
PTA FundsPTA FundsPTA FundsPTA Funds