Planning your capital building projects: part 2

Sources of information:

Condition Survey

Condition surveys provide an assessment of the condition of a building (roofs, ceilings, windows etc) and the mechanical and electrical equipment within them (boiler, electrics etc).  They are undertaken by building surveyors and give an overview of priorities to address.  They should also give some indication of repairing/putting good such matters to help schools with their budgeting.

Surveys should be ideally carried out every 5 years.  DfE commissions surveys to help inform its view of the overall quality of the school Estate.

Suitability Survey

These surveys consider size and functions of rooms in a school to assess their suitability for purpose.  The main categories used to assess suitability are related to teaching and learning and therefore tend to be more repair/equipment based (revenue budget) rather than capital.  However, they can identify H&S matters which may be considered appropriate for a capital project.

For further information, see School Site Guidelines:

Accessibility Plan

Schools must demonstrate how they can enable and improve access for disabled pupils.  This includes both making improvements to the physical environment to increase access as well as increasing access to the curriculum and making written information available in a range of ways.

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