This page provides access to resources to help you in moments of reflection, Circle Time or prayer

‘Prayerful Activities’

These reflections are easy to use – (They work best if printed out)

  • Find a quiet place and time;
  • Sit calmly and comfortably; then
  • Just follow the arrows and everybody joins in the bold bits …
  • Remember to read slowly and carefully, different people can read different parts;
  • Do not be afraid to pause to leave time to think.


Grace Dice

Celtic Design: exploring the Trinity

Celtic Design 2: exploring eternity

Celtic Design 3: everlasting: ancient to modern

A Safe Path: a reflective activity
(Download easy print version)

Prayer: Thank you, Sorry, Please

Prayer: Worries and Thanks

Prayer: 5 finger activity

Water: a reflective activity

If you like to sing …

Out of the Ark music has generously made some songs available for singing at home.

Sing-Up too, has developed a special area for home schooling.

WorshipWorkshop has around 95 songs from all sorts church traditions – including famous Easter hymns.

And a little bit more …

The Prayer Spaces in schools website has some fascinating things for you to use.

This Worship at Home resource may be helpful, produced by our own Board of Mission.