Special reflections to take you through Holy Week and Easter →

To use them fully you should download, print and make our prayer dice which you use to close the reflections. The dice will make up perfectly well if printed on paper, though thin card will make a longer lasting dice. We have made a blank dice sheet too if you want to write your own prayers.

Download your Closing Prayer Dice here

Download the blank dice here

Each day includes the Lord’s Prayer and a choice.
There are also links to BibleGateway if you wish to look more closely at the story. We would suggest that you do this after you have finished the reflection; the links  work when the PDFs are viewed on a screen.

To use the reflections

  • Find a quiet place and time, you may wish to light a candle;
  • Sit calmly and comfortably; then
  • Just follow the arrows and everybody joins in the bold bits … (They work best if printed out)
  • Each day has a ‘Thinkabout’ section, the Thinkabout questions get more difficult as you read down the blue shape – choose appropriate question for your children. You don’t have to do them all. 
  • Remember to read slowly and carefully, different people can read different parts;
  • Do not be afraid to pause to leave time to think.

Download the Easter and Holy Week Reflections here:

Stories of Jesus appearing to the Disciples after Easter will be here soon.

If you like to sing …

Out of the Ark music has generously made some songs available for singing at home.

Sing-Up too, has developed a special area for home schooling.

PopUk have created a special offer for those who want to sing at home.

WorshipWorkshop has around 95 songs from all sorts church traditions – including famous Easter hymns.