You are invited to join us to engage with the lives of characters from the Bible through these explorations for students in Key Stages 3/4. (Though they may be useful for older Primary pupils)

These reflections are easy to use – (They might work best if printed out)

  • Find a quiet place and time;
  • Each PDF poses a number of challenging questions – there is no real right answer to them, they are to prompt thinking and discussion;
  • It will be helpful to read all the material through first, we have included some links to the text in each introduction.

The character sketches are found under the tabs below.

Ruth – An Old Testament Love Story…

These four reflections based on the book of Ruth, from the Old Testament, raise many themes that are still current and which the Covid-19 crisis has brought to the fore: poverty and inequality, refugees, female and racial equality, risk and reward, as well as age-old themes of love, marriage and money. These reflections ask students to think about some of the issues that they experience personally and locally and may be aware of nationally and globally. They will prompt them to think about the motives for acts of generosity that have been witnessed and think about the interpretation of rules and laws. They may spot echoes and references that the writers have not; they may ask questions and find creative ways to respond.

We have 4 explorations in the story of Ruth below:

Ruth part a

Ruth part b

Ruth part c

Ruth part d