These resources are to help you when sharing moments of reflection or Circle Time with younger children. There are reflective activities and simple prayers. These can be used as the basis for class worship. As always, do make such adaptations as you feel necessary for your own context.

These reflections are easy to use – (You may wish to print them out)

  • Find a quiet place and time;
  • Sit calmly and comfortably;
  • The text can be used in any order;
  • Remember to read slowly and carefully;
  • Do not be afraid to pause to leave time to think;
  • Encourage pupils to contribute ideas and thoughts.






The Gardener Prayer

Sunshine and Rain Prayer

Shepherd Prayer

Glory Prayer

Strength Prayer

Darkness Prayer

Sunrise Prayer

If you like to sing …

Out of the Ark music has generously made some songs available for singing at home.

Sing-Up too, has developed a special area for home schooling.

PopUk have created a special offer for those who want to sing at home.

WorshipWorkshop has around 95 songs from all sorts church traditions – including famous Easter hymns.

And a little bit more …

The Prayer Spaces in schools website has some fascinating things for you to use.

This Worship at Home resource may be helpful, produced by our own Board of Mission.