Governor Effectiveness

First Touch Governance

First Touch Governance is an externally led governing body self-evaluation. Acknowledging national standards and requirements, opportunities to examine current practice, explore strengths and barriers to development and recommends points for consideration to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the governing body.

First Touch Governance is completed in partnership with your school link adviser (or colleague if more appropriate) and will involve an ‘off site’ review of governing body self-evaluation and documentation, a supported discussion with members of the governing body addressing themes or trends and a short report that will summarise findings and make recommendations for future action.

Tto book a First Touch Governance review or find out more about it please contact:

Ruth Bennie:     Phone: 07392 195495

Governance Review

The ODBE external review of governance is intended to be a supportive process. Through a series of meetings with stakeholders and the review of specific and relevant evidence presented by the governing body, The ODBE review process will provide governors with an overview of identified strngths, areas for development and finally a list of recommendations for the governing body to consider

A review of governance is completed b two ODBE advisers who wil lead the process and work alongside the governing body throughout 9 key questions will be presented to the governing body for them to choose 4 for the review team to focus on – depending upon the needs, requirements and situation of the school

The process has been highly successful and beneficial for many schools and we look forward to working with you

If you would like to book a governance review or find out ore about it please contact:

Sarah Thomas:    Phone: 07801 884324