The ODBE serves parishes and clergy in their relationships with schools at a number of levels.

We are currently struggling to find foundation governors across the diocese – can your parish help? See our flyer – also being sent out with The Door.

We know that many clergy work with a range of different schools and we are able to offer support in a range of circumstances beyond the limits of church schools. We have created a Clergy Pack of resources to support work with schools. The ODBE advisory team is built of a number of very experienced head teachers and teachers who have experience in all kinds of school and who have specialisms which include EYFS, Music and Science. This is in addition to the ability to offer up-to-date and effective support for school development, Ofsted training and governance.

If you wish to discuss any matter relating to schools please do contact us. The advisers tend to work in deaneries and we have created a list of ‘first contacts’ . The named adviser will either be able to deal with your query or pass you to the adviser best suited to do so.