Along with the Department of Mission, the Education department have a vision to establish and develop key connections between the local church and local schools that create mutual significant benefit, enabling us to develop the way that schools and church communities work together for the common good.

The direction of the role is also shaped by the national ‘Growing Faith’ 2019 vision document from the Church of England, whereby church, home and school working together is a central strand of every Parish’s Mission Action Plan.

We will be creating networks throughout the diocese to develop effective models of working between schools and parishes, exploring both curricular and extra-curricular possibilities and experiences for children outside RE and Collective Worship. Our aim is to support schools in developing a greater understanding of the church body and all it can offer, and for the church to gain further awareness of current education, schooling practices and pressures.

We know that many clergy work with a range of different schools and we are able to offer support in a range of circumstances beyond the limits of church schools. We have created a Clergy Pack of resources to support work with schools. The ODBE advisory team is built of a number of very experienced head teachers and teachers who have experience in all kinds of school and who have specialisms which include EYFS, Music and Science. This is in addition to the ability to offer up-to-date and effective support for school development, Ofsted training and governance.

If you wish to discuss any matter relating to schools please do contact us. The advisers tend to work in deaneries and we have created a list of ‘first contacts’ . The named adviser will either be able to deal with your query or pass you to the adviser best suited to do so.