These are outlines of acts of worship for use with small groups.  Each outline features prompts, prayers, Bible readings and ‘extra’ suggestions and they can be used in any order. We suggest that the materials are used alongside First Steps in Worship.

Each of the KS 1/2 materials has a supporting PowerPoint to download.

The current situation is an opportunity for worship to develop in schools – especially the worship of small groups; Half-a-Dozen is intended to encourage exploration of this opportunity.

The words of the outlines are suggestions. It is expected that you will adapt these in line with your particular context – especially the school vision. The materials should be read in conjunction with On Our Way and Finding Your Way: compass worship which provide further ideas

There are a number of other resources available from ODBE which may also be helpful:

Prayer File

Classic Prayers

The Bible in Worship

Your School Link Adviser is available to discuss any matters related to church schools. For specific questions relating to worship contact our lead adviser for worship, Revd Robin Sharples – email: phone: 07801 884402

Half-a-Dozen Downloads

Ks 2/3Harvest Half Term

KS 2/3 Introduction

Our Worship
What is Normal?

Ks 1/2 Harvest Half Term

KS 1/2 Introduction

Earth : PPt
Birds : PPt
Bees : PPt
Class : PPt
Fish : PPt
Family : PPt