Becoming church school

Church schools are still the school of choice nationally for parents
and the Church school ethos is recognised
as a major benefit to holistic education.
If you are interested in becoming a Church of England school,
we’d love to talk to you!

The Church of England is the second largest provider of schools in England, after the local authorities themselves.  Here in the Diocese of Oxford we have responsibility for 283 schools and academies providing education for approximately 60,000 children and young people.  These schools were founded to provide the best possible education for all children within their local communities, and new church schools will maintain that tradition and provide excellent education within a distinctively Christian context.

Church of England schools seek to provide the highest possible standard of education within that distinctively Christian context.  They are explicitly not seeking to convert, but to serve, and all evidence shows that a strong Christian ethos and educational vision help to raise standards and achievement and enable every child to fulfil their potential.

Our church schools serve all children in the communities in which they are situated, and welcome those of all faiths and those of none.

For further information please contact: Penny Bingham, Executive Assistant to Fiona Craig, Director of Education on 01865 208237 or email


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