Returning from a half-term break can sometimes be challenging. Getting back to routines and structures with colder wetter weather and darker evenings in November is additionally challenging. Therefore, it was a gentle re-introduction for me to spend Monday this week at Trinity College in Bristol. This was for a meeting of my Action Learning Set as part of the Diocesan Educational Leadership Programme upon which I have embarked. In preparation for this gathering, I had to prepare a learning contract with three aspects. In the case of my personal target I was drawn to the concept of ‘The Rule of Life’ that has its origins with the teachings of St Benedict. This provides a structure for a balanced daily, weekly, monthly and annual routine. In an increasingly pressurised and busy life, keeping a balance is vital to spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological well-being. In developing a rule of life that works for me I aim to ensure that I can to mis-quote the old Mars Bar ad campaign ‘Work, Rest, Play and Pray!’

Till next week.