My work this week has kept me largely confined to barracks, so I have little to report on the schools’ front. However, this week marked a personal landmark for me as I turned fifty. Whilst such events are normally a cause for celebration they are also opportunities to reflect on events over the years. 1969 was a seminal year with the moon landing and maiden flight of Concorde amongst the events that shaped the year. As a proud Bristolian by birth with both grandfathers involved in the project, Concorde has a special place in my heart. It is with a sense of irony therefore that I muse on events that took place fifty years ago where despite subsequent technological advancements have yet to be surpassed in their respective fields. Perhaps we haven’t come so far as we think in the half century I have been around?

One place that has developed significantly over the same timeframe is the town of Milton Keynes. Situated in the north-eastern quarter of our diocese, MK is the fastest growing town in the country and is forecast to be amongst the England’s five largest cities within the next few decades. As Board of Education, we are excited by the opportunity to play a significant role in the development of schools and education in this area and it is shaping much of our thinking in planning our own vision and strategy.

A key aspect of our strategy has been recruiting new colleagues who will be able to share and realise our vision for education across the diocese. This week we have been seeking to appoint a new Deputy Director of Education to work as part of our Strategic Leadership Team from September. I hope to be able to update on this development in next week’s blog. At the same time, we are advertising for another brand-new post of Church/School Relationships Adviser. This unique role will have an incredibly exciting brief of working with parishes and schools to re-imagine relationships to the mutual benefit of both. Details of this role can be found here and I relish the opportunity of speaking to potential candidates.

In the meantime, I look forward to a stimulating but also restful long weekend and hope that you do too!

‘Till next week.