RAF Air Cadets – Chaplain

The Royal Air Force Air Cadets is one of the UK’s leading youth organisations with some 45,000 cadets and about 15,000 adult volunteers.  Young people can join from the age of 12 and stay until aged 19.

Air cadets are encouraged to grow a spirit of adventure and achievement, developing qualities of leadership and good citizenship.  Having a chaplain attached to each local squadron provides them with the guidance that will help them develop their potential.  The local chaplain has a positive input into the values, beliefs and morals of a group of young men and women at this most important time of their development.

447 (Henley on Thames) Squadron ATC is part of the Thames Valley Wing and is currently in need of a new chaplain to provide moral, spiritual and pastoral guidance to the members of the squadron.  Based in Friday Street, Henley on Thames the squadron currently parades 23 cadets with the support of four staff meeting on Monday and Thursday evenings between 1930 and 2130.

The honorary chaplain, or padre as you may be called, can be appointed from among the clergy, lay readers and others with an authorised church ministry.  Where appropriate to meet the needs of cadets from non-Christian faiths, clerics from other religions may also be appointed. As an Honorary Chaplain within the ATC you don’t wear a uniform but are recognised by a Chaplain’s badge worn on your lapel and the larger edition worn on your preaching scarf.

The minimum commitment expected of a chaplain is a monthly visit to your unit to lead what is termed ‘the Padre’s hour’ and conduct the formal Enrolment Service when new cadets are received into full membership of the organisation. From time to time it will be appropriate for you to extend an invitation to the squadron to parade to your church and share in the worship. You’ll be fully supported by the RAF Chaplain’s Branch.

This is a voluntary post, but travel expenses are usually recoverable and an allowance is also offered when you attend training days or annual summer camps.

If you would be interested in supporting this squadron and being part of the one of the leading youth organisations in the UK please contact Charles Lewis, Thames Valley Wing Chaplain, at chaplain.tvw@aircadets.org.

For further information on becoming a chaplain with the RAF Air Cadets please visit  https://www.raf.mod.uk/aircadets/want-to-join/join-as-an-adult-volunteer/join-as-a-chaplain/