Prayers for Busy People – have you signed up yet

Press Release



If you’re a busy person, you might think you don’t have time for the Church of England’s global prayer project, Thy Kingdom Come, which runs from Ascension Day to Pentecost (25 May to 4 June).


But don’t panic – help is at hand in the form of resources for busy people in Thames Valley produced by the Oxford Diocese and Discovering Prayer.


The tools include “fridge prayers” that can be cut out and pinned to your fridge and a series of five-minute prayer times that you can listen to online.


Thy Kingdom Come is the vision of the Archbishop of Canterbury and hundreds of thousands of people are expected to take part.


By signing up to Thy Kingdom Come for Busy People you will be able to:

  • experience praying consistently, even when you are busy
  • get into a routine of prayer
  • structure a prayer time simply on the Bible. This can be ‘hands free’ if there isn’t a Bible to hand
  • remember to pray for five people each day as part of Thy Kingdom Come
  • experience of the power of praying with many other people via the website

Those who’d like to take part can visit this website: and listen to 11 five-minute audio prayer times, one for each day of Thy Kingdom Come.


Archbishop Justin Welby said: “In these times of transformation across Europe, mass migration and war, it has never been more important to pray in whatever way we can. To be transformed as individuals and as communities so that we deepen our relationship with God and work together towards peace.”

Michelle Eyre, Chief Prayer Officer, for Discovering Prayer said: “Discovering Prayer has a mission to help 10,000 people get going and keep going with prayer by 2020, so that we can deepen our relationship with God and transform our communities.”




For more information or to arrange interviews contact Jo Duckles on 07880 716761 or Jillian Moody on 07824 906839.