God for freedom
God of hope, it is for freedom that Christ has set us free,
yet so often we choose to bind ourselves and others
to a yoke that is not yours.

Breathe your Spirit into us,
and give us eyes to see the invisible chains
which constrict and constrain your image in us and in others.
Give us ears to hear the silent cry
of those whose lives languish in the darkness of despair.
Give us hearts to feel the pain
of lives whose iron bars hide all horizon of hope and healing.

Lord Jesus, who bound the Strong Man,
who conquered the grave,
and who has freed all captives from the slavery of sin
in your powerful name:
we renounce our own self-destructive habits of hopelessness;
we denounce a world which coerces and compels with fear and false obedience;
and we pronounce the dawning of your kind and compassionate kingdom,
the hope of all who walk expectantly with you in your exodus
from the darkness of dependence into the light
of your new life.

In his name we pray

Addiction is rife in our society. Substance abuse, misuse of social media, gambling, and a host of other unhealthy behaviours can drag us down. This prayer shows that there is always hope and that even in our despair, God is bigger than our habits.

One particularly distressing addictive behaviour is viewing pornography. Learn more and access resources that can help those who are trapped. ¶

Prayer by Charlie Kerr
Photo: Shutterstock

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