Our common vision

We are called to become a more Christ-like Church for the sake of God’s world. The brand-new common vision section of our website has all you need to get started.

Parish planning

Our new Parish Planning Tool supports the mission of your church to become more Christ-like, helping you to see where God is already at work and how you can join in.

Past Cases Review

We need to be certain that all known cases of concern about the behaviour of our clergy or church officers towards children & adults have been dealt with.

Latest resources

Contemplative toolkit

The noise of a classroom quietens down within minutes as children become still and calm during a new contemplative practice being piloted across the Diocese. Find out more.

Pilgrimage for young adults

This summer travel to Taizé with young adults from Berkshire and join thousands of others from around the world in community, worship & prayer. Find out about our pilgrimage to Taizé.


Dwelling in the Word can help groups listen to scripture, to each other and to God. This year our dwelling passage is Acts 20.17-38. Download a resource sheet.

Recent Posts

RSS Please Pray For

  • Prayer for: 28th January 2020
    Stowe: For God's blessing for the next step for Stowe Church. Give thanks for God's abundant blessing on the restoration project and pray for its successful completion.

Wherever you live, there is a Church of England church that is always there for you through life’s biggest moments – and at other times too. If you’d like a special service, your church offers a warm welcome, friendship, advice and prayer beforehand, on the big day and all the years afterwards.  Discover the new A Church Near You…

Life Events

How the Church can help at important milestones.


Supporting teachers, parents and governors at our church schools


Committed to the safeguarding, care and nurture of everyone within our community


Mission & Ministry

Help for all those called to ministry in our parishes.