As Anglicans, we delight in the heritage that has shaped our prayer, worship and liturgy.

Our foundational texts are contained in The Book of Common Prayer and the recent publication of Common Worship helps us to proclaim our faith afresh in each generation.

Transforming Worship, Times and Seasons, New Patterns for Worship, and Festivals each provide information and resources to help refresh, resource and promote liturgical worship.

The Canons of the Church of England (our legal framework) help us to express a shared identity through our worship by reminding us to use only authorised forms of service.


Christians all around the world will faithfully pray the Daily Office (that is, services of morning and evening prayer which have a set framework and include psalms and Bible readings). The Church of England provides a number of different downloadable prayer apps.

It’s good to pray for current events or issues of concern, and the Diocesan cycle of prayer reminds us of people and places locally whilst the Church of England provides Topical Prayers.

Holy Communion

Holy Communion or the Eucharist (which means thanksgiving) is our main act of worship. Each Sunday, and on festivals and saints’ days, we gather to celebrate the communal life that we have been given through the risen Christ. Here is a link to Common Worship resources Holy Communion services.

You can find links to all the Principle Services of the Church here.

Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage and Funerals

We’re delighted when people come to the Church for baptism, confirmation, marriage and funerals (sometimes called the occasional offices). There are more details on these life events here. Please see also the information on Christian Initiation on the C of E website.

Institution, Collation, Induction, and Licensing

For clergy preparing a service for the start of a new ministry, please see the links below,

Service of institution or collation and induction

Institution, induction, licensing and installation NOTES

Whenever a bishop takes a service, our usual practice is for the collection to go to the Bishop of Oxford’s Outreach Fund. The Outreach Fund is dedicated to supporting the mission of the Church worldwide. Through the fund, the Bishop of Oxford is able to respond to a wide range of requests for help, in areas such as humanitarian need, Christian education, training and mission.