Are you interested in any of the following?

  • Growing in your discipleship

You may wish to learn more about your faith simply because you want to be a more faithful disciple in how you think and/or act – in order to better love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. (You are welcome too if you wish to learn primarily from intellectual curiosity.)

  • Training for a particular ministry in your church

You may want to learn more in order to be better equipped for something you do in the church, for example pastoral visiting, baptism preparation, leading worship, coordinating evangelism, leading a home group…. Your parish or benefice might well wish to encourage you in this! See diocesan authorised ministries (preaching and communion by extension).

  • Exploring vocation

You may be exploring whether God is calling you to ordination or to be an LLM. You may want to be helped to think through some issues, or to gain experience of the kind of training you will have to do if you are selected for one of these ministries.

The Diocese of Oxford Local Ministry Programme offers a range of courses open to anyone who wants to attend them. These complement what is normally available in the local church by being an opportunity for more structured learning, often at a slightly more advanced level (though well within the grasp of most people).

Our current course brochures and a list of planned ongoing programme of evening and Saturday courses can be found here – we aim to run all the introductory level courses at various locations in the diocese.

Each course stands alone, so you can start anywhere you like (though we do normally expect those attending our ‘intermediate’ level courses to have attended some ‘introductory’ level first). Everyone is welcome to do the assignment(s) which will be set on the course, and these are very valuable for developing your learning, but many people choose not to take up the opportunity!

You can find out how these courses have helped people in the diocese.

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For more information, please contact Revd Dr Phil Cooke, Local Ministry Programme Leader.