One key role of the local church is to help us grow in our lifelong faith, discipleship and ministry. This can happen in all kinds of ways – for example, through services and sermons, through small groups and Lent courses, through personal prayer and study, and through reflecting on everyday life.

To complement this, as a diocese we offer a range of training and learning opportunities aimed at encouraging and equipping mission and ministry both in and through the local church. Details of current and forthcoming courses can be downloaded here:


To book any course, please visit

These courses are open to anyone who wants to come along and learn more about Christian life, faith and ministry in the world. You’ll find a warm, friendly and stimulating context in which people enjoy learning together and from each other. What you’ll also find is more structured learning environment than is normally possible in the local church.

Find out more

To be added to a termly emailing of forthcoming course information, please contact the training department through Carolyn Main. Alternatively, to hear of such events (and other news) on a regular basis, you might like to subscribe to the diocesan eNews. Training opportunities are also offered in such areas as youth ministry, children’s ministrysocial justice issues and pastoral care.

Learning together

Sometimes it makes sense for a number of churches in an area to work together to provide a learning opportunity. This might be across a benefice, or a cluster of churches, or ecumenically. Many deaneries organise training within the deanery (and Department of Mission staff are happy to help deaneries with this). Do contact us if you are interested in this.

Further resources

Here is just a sample of other resources and information you might find helpful for local use:

There are, of course, many other organisations which provide training and specialist expertise in particular areas. Some of those to offer training locally include the Church Mission Society, the Royal School of Church Music and a number of theological institutions.

And these older documents still contain a wealth of potential learning and group-based materials.